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Leaked Bethesda launch schedule has Oblivion and Fallout 3 remasters, Dishonored 3, more

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Leaked documents from FTC v. Microsoft court battle have not only revealed Microsoft's upcoming gaming hardware plans, but also details from its game development studios. Available largely unredacted and publicly, one of the document attachments shared with FTC by Microsoft has a page filled with projects from ZeniMax Bethesda that were in development.

Titled "ZeniMax Management Forecast", this release schedule lists what console/PC and free to play/mobile titles were planned by the company in 2020. This document had been a part of Microsoft's probe into acquiring ZeniMax Media, its studios, and IPs.

Alongside a range of titles that we have already seen releases and announcements for, the leak namedrops remasters for Bethesda's grand RPGs The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion from 2006 and Fallout 3 from 2008. A brand-new Doom entry named "Year Zero" is also listed here, plus two post-launch DLC packs for the unannounced title.

Coming from Bethesda's other studios, there are mentions of a Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel as well as Dishonored 3. There are also three projects listed with only codenames to go by, which are Project Kestrel, Project Platinum, and a mysterious "licensed IP game."

Check out the slide below for the full details, though keep in mind the mentioned timelines are in the company's fiscal years. We may see some of these games be revealed soon by Microsoft as exclusives at the upcoming Game Awards showcase or during next year's Xbox Showcase.

ZeniMax Media release schedule leak

Being a document from 2020, we can't be sure which unannounced projects from the leak are still in development, under what studios, and how many delays have hit them since dealing with COVID-19 setbacks and other factors.

For example, The Elder Scrolls VI has a fiscal year 2024 release planned in the document, though now we know it's still years away. MachineGames' upcoming Indiana Jones game is also listed as coming next year, though take it with a grain of salt until any official announcements come through.

Source: FTC

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