Leaked Yahoo memo indicates possible sale

When Yahoo decided to dismiss its CEO Carol Bartz earlier this month, the web site's co-founder Jerry Yang reportedly told employees that the company was not going to be put up for sale. Now it seems that situation might have changed. Business Insider reports that a leaked email this week from Yang to all of Yahoo's employees hints strongly that Yahoo is at least considering a sale of the company.

Yang's exact words in the memo were, "Our advisers are working with us to develop ideas that we will pursue proactively.  At the same time, they are fielding inquiries from multiple parties that have already expressed interest in a number of potential options." That would seem to confirm that Yahoo has been at least approached by outside companies to consider a sale. Earlier rumors this month said that Microsoft might be interested in buying Yahoo, something which it tried and failed to do a few years ago. Yang's memo this week even talked about these kinds of Internet news stories, saying, "There will be plenty of rumors and speculation as different parties try to advance their agendas in the media – but it is important that we not be distracted by the rumors and speculation."

Whatever happens, it would seem like Yang and Yahoo's board of directors want to make sure they are doing what is best for the company. Yang's memo said, "While we will move with a sense of urgency, this process will take time. Months, not weeks. We know that’s a lot of potential distraction, but we believe it will be worth the wait."

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