LG formally introduces the Wing, a smartphone with a swivelling display

LG has been refocusing its smartphone efforts this year, having already introduced the Velvet as one of its flagship devices. Back in May, we first heard that the company was preparing a smartphone with two displays that could form a T-shape, and today, it was formally unveiled to the world through an online presentation, with the name LG Wing. LG says the Wing is the first product that's part of the "Explorer Project", which aims to break the mold of what a smartphone is.

When you use it like a normal phone, what LG calls Basic Mode, the LG Wing has a 6.8-inch P-OLED display in the 20.5:9 aspect ratio and a 2460x1080 resolution. However, you can rotate the primary display around by 90 degrees, revealing the smaller 3.9-inch G-OLED screen underneath, which has a 1240x1080 resolution, meaning the aspect ratio is a square-ish 1.15:1. The displays can be used together for the same app, or for multitasking with different apps on each screen. In swivel mode, the horizontal display has a new home screen with a carousel for your apps.

The LG Wing also has a pretty interesting triple-camera setup, starting with a primary 64MP primary camera with OIS. It also has a 13MP ultra-wide camera for use in basic mode, plus a 12MP ultra-wide big pixel camera, which is meant to be used in swivel mode. The camera uses a gimbal camera system, which not only helps compensate for camera shake, it also allows the user to aim the camera at different areas of the frame. Using the smaller display, users can point at different parts of an image to center the camera on it, while the viewfinder is on the top screen. For the front-facing camera, there's a motorized pop-up 32MP camera, giving the main display more room to breathe.

Specs-wise, the LG Wing sits in the upper mid-range, with a Snapdragon 765G 5G chipset powering the experience, similar to the LG Velvet. It has 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal storage, and the battery is 4,000mAh in size.

As you'd expect, having two displays on top of each other means the phone is pretty large, measuring in at 10.1mm thick, which is actually thicker than Microsoft's Surface Duo. It also weighs in at 260 grams, which is, again, slightly more than the Duo, but LG said it did a lot of work to get it that low, with initial prototypes weighing at 314 grams.

The LG Wing is launching next month in South Korea, with North American and European markets following sometimes afterward.

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