Longhorn Server most likely to be named Windows Server 2007

A Microsoft spokesperson who has been following our coverage of Windows Vista over the last few days, contacted me in regard to the naming of Longhorn Server -the next version of Windows Server, that is expected to start in the timeframe of the Windows Vista beta.

She also coined the term 'Vi' which is becoming a popular short name for Vista, meaning six in Roman numerals. She said "Just reading your posting on "WinVi" and wanted to let you know that Vista is the name for Longhorn client only. Microsoft is not announcing the name for Longhorn Server at this time, but the current plan is to follow the existing naming convention of Windows Server 2003"

Windows Vista is version 6.0, but bink of Bink.nu found an interesting domain registration of Windows07, which seems to confirm that Microsoft is indeed gunning for a Windows version that carries the number 7 in its name.

It looks like we could be seeing Windows Server 2007 after R2, R2 is currently in beta and is built on the Windows Server 2003 SP1 platform, it adds optionally-installable components that customers have requested.

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