Xbox 360 Pre-Loaded Content Revealed by BBFC Submission

Audio and video will ship on Xbox 360 drive; 23 minute game trailer reel included.

The Xbox 360 will ship in the UK with over 100 minutes of audio and video already on the system's hard drive, it has emerged, after Microsoft submitted the planned content to the British Board of Film Certification to be rated.

The content, which has been passed without cuts by the BBFC, consists of 22 separate files - the majority of which are between three and five minutes long, and appear to be music videos or movie clips, with titles such as "PUNK ROCK SUPERSTAR.WMA" and "1ST_TITANICTESTSEQUENCE_SINKING_8MBPS.WMV". However, one stand-out piece of content is a 22 minutes 59 second long item described as "DVD OF GAME", which seems likely to be a trailer reel for upcoming Xbox 360 games.

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