Look out, here comes Meltdown 2003

Meltdown 2003 is an event laid out for Windows game developers but not game developers solely. Meltdown is packed with two days of content for anyone and everyone to do with the Windows gaming business.

According to Mary Jo from microsoft-watch.com, Microsoft is promising that it will provide a sneak peek at the "gaming specific portions" of Longhorn (Microsoft's upcoming next generation Windows client).

The event promises a look at:

  • How the Direct3D Graphics Performance Analyzer captures, analyzes, and diagnoses platform and performance issues

  • A glimpse into DirectX graphics futures

  • Writing optimal code for Microsoft® Visual Studio.NET

  • The next generation of audio... take a LEAP!

    According to the site itself "we will (for the first time!) reveal gaming-specific portions of Microsoft's next operating system, codenamed "Longhorn". Due to the very early revelation, this two-hour session will only be presented only to attendees under non-disclosure." Maybe we'll hear more, maybe we won't - we'll keep you posted.

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