Mad Catz XBOX Live Arcade Controller to Retail for $50

Mad Catz has released a new Xbox Live Arcade Stick controller! For all the Street Fighter II, Pacman and older arcade games on the Xbox 360, the Xbox Live Arcade Stick will be your best friend. The $49.95 controller has an old school joystick (with button), analog controller, d-pad and four front-mounted buttons. We can't tellfrom the small images and print on the sales sheet whether this is a wireless or wired controller, but we're hoping for wireless connectivity. The XBOX LiveArcade Stick is also said to come bundled with a few full-version Live Arcade games so that would be an added bonus.

Peter Moore has also stated that Microsoft is working on a simpler controller to appeal to a broader audience. Moore admitted that the XBOX 360's controller is a complex affair with its mess of buttons, triggers, analog sticks and d-pad.

News source: DailyTech

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