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Get the Turtle Beach REACT-R wired Xbox and PC game controller for a new low price of $29.99

turtle bbeach reac-r

If you are looking to get a new but affordable game controller for your PC or Xbox console, but still want some extras like additional buttons and some audio features, the Turtle Beach REACT-R wired controller could be up your alley. It's now available at a new all time low price.

Right now the Turtle Beach REACT-R wired Xbox and PC game controller is available on Amazon for just $29.99. That's also a $10 discount from its $39.99 MSRP.

turle beach controller

The Turtle Beach REACT-R controller includes some extra audio buttons at the top, including the Superhuman Hearing button which, when activated, is supposed to give gamers an edge in listening for in-game audio like footsteps or enemy reloading sounds. There is also a game and chat audio balance button and a microphone mute button on top.

Besides the regular buttons, triggers, the D-Pad and the thumbsticks, the controller has two extra buttons in the back that can be remapped to perform more complex in-game actions. There also also dual rumble motors in the controller's handles and also in the triggers. The handles also have a textured surface designed for gamers to hold them for long gaming sessions.

Finally, the Turtle Beach REACT-R controller comes in a variety of different colors and art design choices, including Matte Red, Mint Pixel, Starry Nebula, Spark White-Purple, and Basic Black.

This Amazon deal is U.S. specific, and not available in other regions unless specified.

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