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Halo Infinite launches Cyber Showdown III Operation update with new maps and more

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Earlier this year, 343 Industries decided to move away from long Seasons updates for its sci-fi shooter Halo Infinite in favor of shorter Operations updates for the game. This week, the developer launched its second Operations update called Cyber Showdown III.

Players will be able to access the new Cyber Showdown III Operation Pass during the update. It will offer 20 tiers of free in-game armor cosmetics that will center around what 343 Industries calls the “viral machine" design. The cyberpunk-themed CHIMERA armor will feature some organic-style elements for its helmets, visors, shoulders, and coatings. Gamers can choose to play to unlock this content for free. They can also pay 2,000 in-game credits to unlock everything and also get an exclusive custom item.

Along with the CHIMERA armor, Cyber Showdown III adds a new multiplayer map to Halo Infinite called Elevation. 343 Industries says the map, which takes place in a space elevator, was made with its Forge editor. It added:

On Elevation, indoor combat will keep your boots on the ground, but heading outside for a spacewalk in the middle of a firefight just might send you on a one-way journey to the planet below.

Finally, the game's Husky Raid gameplay mode (a different take on Capture the Flag) will add six new community-made Forge maps to its playlist;

  • Formation
  • Merchant’s Square
  • Outlook
  • Pharaoh
  • Ruujaya
  • Urban Raid

You can learn more about the new Husky Raid community maps in this separate blog post.

It's likely that this new Cyber Showdown III Operation event and update will last until around mid-April. 343 Industries previously said it decided to move away from Seasons to these shorter events because, while they will continue to have a team dedicated to ongoing updates to Halo Infinite, it is also ramping up team members to work on future, but still unannounced, project.

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