McAfee launches iOS security software

If you own an iPhone or iPad you might think that your chances are slim that you might pick up a virus, at least compared to using an Android device. However, there's still a danger that you could lose your data or even lose your entire iOS device with the fear that someone else might access your private contacts and other information. Now, the well known security software maker McAfee (purchased by Intel earlier this year), has announced it will release a new iOS app called WaveSecure that's designed for the individual user for data and theft protection.

The $20 app will allow users to wireless back up an iOS's contacts as well as photos and videos. If you need to, you can also wireless restore your contacts even if those contacts are sent to an Android phone. If you happen to lose your iPhone or iPad, the WaveSecure app allows users to use a web-based solution to help track and locate a missing device. If you also feel that someone is going to use the info on your missing iPhone or iPad for nefarious purposes, you can also wipe out your contacts and restore them at a later date.

McAfee has previously released iOS security software for businesses (the Enterprise Mobility Manager) but this is the first time the company has released security software for general users of the iPhone and iPad. The WaveSecure app is available in a variety of languages from the iOS app store.

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