Microsoft: 1.6 billion impressions for Windows 8 campaign

You may have heard Microsoft execs have been throwing huge numbers around lately. The first one was 100.000 apps in 3 months. That's what an executive said would be the number of applications in the Windows store only 3 months after the new operating system's launch. Yesterday another such number came up: 1.6 billion. That's the number of impressions Microsoft expects to get for its Windows 8 marketing campaign. Some of the ads have already been leaked and the rest will be coming in the following days.

I can tell you, it's going to be difficult to tune in to your typical popular tv show or sports program and not see a Windows commercial in the next few months.

That's what Peter Han, VP of Microsoft's US OEM division, said a few days ago while talking at the Synnex National Conference, in South Carolina. Explaining to partners and developers that Microsoft is "all in" with their new operating system, Han mentioned that their marketing effort will be extraordinary. According to him, during the next six months Microsoft's products and commercials will be everywhere, including TV, online and press.

Skeptics expect Microsoft's new OS to have a slow start due to a number of factors, but carpet bombing the media with ads might just help Microsoft's case. 5 impressions for every man, woman and child in the US is certainly impressive and we'll soon see if their efforts will pay off.

You can watch the bit about the campaign here.

Source: The Var Guy

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