Microsoft Ad: 'I'm a PC because I'm really picky'

You may remember recently that Microsoft released the first ad in their Laptop Hunter series. The first, starring a woman named Lauren, came under a bit of fire as many scrutinized it for the line, "I'm just not cool enough to be a Mac." Well, now the second ad in this campaign has been released, starring Giampaolo, a recent college graduate and engineer. Again, it features a person looking for a laptop on a budget, and as you can imagine, they find a Windows PC that meets their needs.

Giampaolo calls himself rather tech savvy, and states that he wants a computer that you can customize to meet his needs. When he approaches the Macs, he states, "Macs, to me, are more about the aesthetics than they are the computing power. I don't wanna pay for the brand, I wanna pay for the computer." He walks out with a PC, for $1500, and says, "You can't beat that."

This ad campaign seems to be a direct blast against the Apple campaign, which typically targets PCs directly. This isn't usually Microsoft's style, as mentioned in the previous ad article, but perhaps the Redmond based software giant is changing its attitude. So please, sit back and enjoy the latest ad, embedded below.

Laptop Hunters #2 - Giampaolo

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