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Microsoft and HP launch PC as entertainment hub

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have launched a new computer package for the living room in the US.

The Windows XP Media Centre is pitched at consumers who want to use their computers for entertainment and home office applications.

The HP computer comes with a new version of Windows XP designed to cope with digital entertainment content.

Users will be able to access live television, personal video recording, music, photos, videos and DVDs.

The package includes a remote control to allow users to view content from anywhere in the room.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and HP counterpart Carly Fiorina announced the North American launch at a press conference in New York.

Mrs Fiorina commented: "We've created a whole new way for people to experience their favourite pastimes, whether it's watching DVDs, listening to music, watching television, sharing and managing digital photos, or all of the other things PCs are normally used for, in integrated system."

News source: Ananova - Microsoft and HP launch PC as entertainment hub

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