Microsoft and Vyclone are bringing touch based video editing to the web

Microsoft has been on a crusade to push not only HTML5 but Internet Explorer 10 on to consumers. While we have seen some interesting mashups of media and technology in the past, this latest project is pretty damn cool. 

If you have never heard of Vyclone, they have created an application that allows you to blend multiple videos to create unique content and by using their platform, it makes the process quite simple and fast. Where the app comes to life is let's pretend that you are at a concert and you and your 5 friends are all around the stage and filming the band. Vyclone allows you to blend those 5 videos together to create one movie that can take the highlights from each individual film and combines them seamlessly into one awesome video.

In short, it brings multi-cam filming to the masses and seeing that the company is expanding its breadth and reach by pairing with the IE team is only adding to the quality of the application.The two companies have joined up to bring their video platform to the web to allow you to edit films in the browser.

With Vyclone and IE bringing the video editing ability to the web, creating videos becomes much easier and seeing it all done on the web with HTML5 makes the tool accessible to anyone with a modern browser. By bringing this social experience to the web, Microsoft has once again shown the true power of HTML5 and of course their IE10 browser.

We played around with the editor and were quite impressed with how easy it was to use and the touch friendly UI made it a rather compelling experience. Keep in mind, this is all done without any plugins and even has the ability to allow for offline editing. 

Of all the projects that Microsoft has worked on to showcase HTML5, this one clearly takes the cake; you can check out the project by hitting the source link below.

Source: Vyclone

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