Microsoft: "Bing it" won't likely replace "Google it"

A few days ago, Microsoft launched its new "Bing it on" marketing campaign, challenging users to put Bing search results up against Google. But even Microsoft seems to be resigned to the fact that the term "Google it" will likely stick around for anyone searching for terms on the Internet, even if they use Bing.

Microsoft certainly has tried to get people to say, "Bing it" in viral marketing campaigns in the past, including characters on TV shows using that terms while using Bing on screen. However, in a new interview on Fast Company, Adam Sohn, the general manager of influencer marketing at Bing, states, "We don't have that as a goal--like we're not spending money [on it]. We've never tried to verb it."

Sohn also says that Microsoft is "conflicted but happy" if people will say, "Google it" even if they happen to prefer Bing. He states:

The thing about Kleenex is once you pull it out of the box, it looks exactly the same, whereas with online products, the brands are a bit more forward. So if you say, 'I'm going to Google it,' and you go to Bing--cause that's what you have set as the default--over time, you're going to understand the brand that you are using.

While that may be true for the rest of the world, Sohn says that in Microsoft's own headquarters in Redmond, Washington, "Nobody ever uses 'Google it.'"

Source: Fast Company | Image via Microsoft

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