Microsoft celebrates 10 years of its Channel 9 developer website

It didn't get as much attention as Gmail did on this day in 2004 but 10 years ago, Microsoft quietly launched Channel 9, a website dedicated to giving developers more access to learn about Microsoft software and products. Today, Microsoft celebrated the 10th anniversary of Channel 9 with a quick video message from its current CEO Satya Nadella.

In his message, Nadella praised the community of Channel 9 for supporting Microsoft's efforts at not only giving developers more detailed information about their products and other services but also taking feedback via their forums and on the "Channel 9 Live" show. Nadella stated, "It is you, the 9ers, who truly make the community a vibrant and dynamic place."

Channel 9 will be getting a lot of use over the next week. Microsoft will be live streaming the various developer sessions that will be held in San Francisco as part of the company's 2014 BUILD developer conference. Those sessions will also be available on demand 24 to 48 hours on Channel 9 after they are completed. The site will also host videos from the company's TechEd North America event which will be held in early May.

By the way, the name "Channel 9" comes from the United Airlines channel that passengers on their planes can access to listen to the cockpit chatter between the pilots and flight controllers.

Source: Channel 9

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