Microsoft claims WP7 is 20% more efficient than other platforms

Microsoft is not shy about taking its gloves off when it comes to comparing its products to the competion. They recently released a video (and then pulled it) that talked about how OpenOffice was actually costing corporations money rather than saving it. 

Microsoft is claiming, based on internal research, that WP7 "requires up to 20% fewer steps to perform common tasks," according to These claims are to show that Microsoft's platform, despite being the new kid on the block, will actually save you time. This information aligns with the idea that WP7 was designed to be a "glance and go" OS rather than a "stop and stare" OS.

As Microsoft continues its advertising campaign, you can be certain that they will be pushing this idea that WP7 is the most efficient mobile OS on the market. With nearly $500 million dollars behind the advertising campaign, they will release a barrage of content that will plaster all the faces of modern media. 

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