Microsoft confirms the $299 Xbox Series S is set to get a memory performance boost soon

Xbox Series S

Microsoft recently released its June 2022 Game Development Kit (GDK) and the new release brings plenty of new features and improvements. While the release notes is mostly technical jargon meant for only developers, the company has also released a video explaining what some of the improvements will mean in the grand scheme of performance.

According to Microsoft, the latest June GDK will bring a memory boost to the $299 Xbox Series S console. The Series S is $200 less than the Series X and for that amount of money, the former features cut-down specifications and this includes the memory subsystem as well. While the Series X comes equipped with 16GB memory (10GB @ 560GB/s, 3.5GB @ 336GB/s), the Series S only has 10GB out of which only 8GB has the 224GB/s bandwidth while the remaing 2GB only has 56GB/s. After the June GDK however, the developers for the smaller Xbox will have more memory to play around with.

Microsoft says:

Hundreds of additional megabytes of memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers. This gives developers more control over memory which can improve graphics performance in memory constrained conditions.

Speaking of memory, the latest GDK also brings improvements to the graphics virtual address allocation such that it can take advantage of some of the recent enhancements in memory management technologies.

Source: Microsoft Game Dev (YouTube) via The Verge

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