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Save $110 right now on the 2TB Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Card

These are images of all the Xbox Series XS storage expansion cards

With memory prices starting to climb up, now is the perfect time to upgrade storage in your PC or console before it is too late. We cover plenty of SSD deals, and now it is time to check storage expansion cards for the Xbox Series X|S consoles. Seagate's 2TB SSD for Xbox is now available with a massive $110 discount, saving you 31%.

Storage Expansion Cards are a quick and easy way to give your Xbox more space. Unlike other consoles that require disassembly and plugging in M2 SSDs, Xbox Storage Expansion Cards work like big USB thumb drives—all you have to do is plug it into the dedicated port at the back of your Xbox without any disassembly or extra tools.

Xbox Storage Expansion Card from Seagate

Despite being external and removable drives, Storage Expansion Cards offer the same capabilities as built-in storage, which means there are no performance or feature sacrifices. Quick Resume and other capabilities of the Xbox Velocity architecture are still available (unlike regular USB-based external HDDs and SSDs).

All Storage Expansion Cards work with Xbox Series X and Series S consoles without exceptions. However, they do not support Xbox One consoles. You can upgrade storage in previous-generation consoles using regular external hard drives and SSDs.

Seagate offers its Storage Expansion Cards in two capacities: 1TB and 2TB. The 1TB configuration is also available on sale so you can get it for $149 instead of its regular $199 price.

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