Microsoft creating new mobile device protocols

Microsoft will introduce a new system for mobile devices that connect with PCs, with the end aim of allowing IT Managers to restrict specifically what can, and more importantly what cannot, connect to their network.

Devices like iPods and USB key rings present a major security risk to corporate networks. They allow users to easily by-pass restrictions on what is allowed onto the network; they also present security challenges in terms of restricting what leaves corporate networks. Currently, sys admins on large scale networks have few tools to restrict this kind of activity; some high security organisations and many government systems ban devices outright, and Microsoft wants to present companies with an alternative to this option. Padmanand Warrier, a developer in Microsoft's Windows unit, told C|Net that many Windows admins had reported it as "a real problem".

Microsoft will implement "Plug and Play Extensions" in 2006 (i.e. with Longhorn), and it will affect how all mobile devices connect to PCs (wireless, Bluetooth, USB). Microsoft announced the new technology at this years IDF in San Francisco.

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