Microsoft goes all in with Hyperlapse, launches Pro, Mobile and Azure products

Hyperlapse Pro

In August of last year, Microsoft started talking about its 'hyperlapse' technology and showed off a few videos of what the tool is capable of doing. Jump forward to today, and the company is going all in on the tech and is announcing Hyperlapse Pro, Hyperlapse Mobile and HyperLapse for Azure Media Services.

Hyperlapse makes it easy to create smooth and stabilized time lapse videos from first person clips. To build on its previous research app, the company is releasing a Pro version of the application that allows you to create a Hyperlapse on a Windows PC with video shot with any camera, such as a drone.

Hyperlapse Mobile

Hyperlapse Mobile is coming to Windows Phone and Android; the app allows you to create a Hyperlapse using your phone's camera directly; no word on if it will be coming to iOS. For Windows Phones with 512MB of RAM, they cannot capture video at HD resolutions (check the source link below for supported phones).

Finally, there is Hyperlapse for Azure Media services which is a tool for developers to integrate hyperlapse options into a website or app.

The idea behind the suite of apps is that it can take a long first person video and condense it down into something your friends and family will enjoy watching. Because the app is able to smooth and stabilize the clips, it removes the bouncing/jarring nature of other attempts at timelapsing video of this type.

The apps are all all available now and you can download them from the links below:

Download Hyperlapse for: Windows Phone | Android (beta) | Desktop

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