Microsoft highlights Windows 10's built-in apps with new video

With two days to go before its launch, Microsoft wants to familiarize you with the all the apps that the company is shipping with Windows 10. Photos, Mail and Calendar, Maps, Movies & TV and the recently renamed Groove Music have all been highlighted in the company's most recent promotional video.

The video - and the accompanying blog post - go over many of the new features coming to these apps with Windows 10. The Photos app organizes your library more efficiently by date and creates automatic albums for you to view and share. Editing pictures is a breeze with auto-enhance, while backing up and sharing your videos is made easier with OneDrive integration.

Maps is now a Universal App - replacing both Here Maps and Bing Maps - and features a revamped design and better search.

Mail has been updated to counter the Outlook application on the desktop, with the full array of Word edits built in and new gestures to allow you to sort your email faster. Calendar is now much more powerful, featuring more options than was previously the case and allowing you to handle multiple calendars at the same time.

Last but not least, Groove and Movies & TV will fulfill all your entertainment needs, with a large collection of content and redesigned apps. They are also available in a wider range of countries now, addressing one of the biggest complaints by users.

Source: Microsoft

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