Microsoft is now providing a time and date that your PC will auto-upgrade to Windows 10 [Update]

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It's no secret that Microsoft has taken some pretty extreme measures to get people to take it up on its offer for a free upgrade to Windows 10. Annoying adware and adding Windows 10 to Windows Update (and later adding it as a recommended update) are just a couple of the tactics that the company has used.

Some users have reported that they were automatically upgraded to the OS, but with the exception of an error back in October, these reports have been largely unconfirmed. After all, you shouldn't be able to use Windows 10 without first agreeing to a EULA.

Now that the firm has formally announced that the OS will no longer be a free upgrade after July 29, one might wonder how far Microsoft is willing to go before then.

Tom's Hardware is now reporting that the 'Get Windows 10' app is now setting a date and time that the PC will upgrade itself to Windows 10.

As you can see, you now get a scheduled time and date, the option to upgrade now, or a small link that will allow you to cancel or reschedule.

At first glance, this looks scary, but it doesn't really appear that much has changed, except for keeping users a bit more informed. As noted above, Windows 10 is already a recommended update, so assuming that you have those set to automatically install, this is simply providing you with the time that it is going to happen.

And as always, you do have the option to opt out.

Update: This is something that has been happening for a couple months now for select users, although it now seems to be happening for everyone, or most people. Apologies for any confusion that this may have caused.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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