Microsoft Lists is now available for iOS

Today, Microsoft announced that its Lists app for iOS is now available. First announced at Build as a Trello competitor, it showed up as a web app in July with a promised iOS app coming later. Now, that app is here.

The Lists app, as you'd probably guess, lets you access and edit the lists that you own and have been shared with you; and of course, you can create new lists. The difference with the mobile app, however, is that it's really meant to be used more on the go than the web app is. Microsoft uses an example of creating an issue tracker list while you're drinking coffee, or sharing a list from the car. For more complex tasks, you're really meant to be using the web app.

Microsoft posted a demo of the app:

Here's a list of features that are included in the mobile app:

  • Track and manage lists wherever you’re working
  • See recent and favorite lists
  • View lists, even when offline
  • Edit your lists and list items
  • Capture and add photos with QR code support
  • Create, share, and track lists with anyone
  • Start quickly with ready-made templates
  • Customize your views using sort, filter, and group by
  • Dark mode and landscape orientation support
  • Built-in enterprise-grade data security and compliance
  • Intune device management support with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile App Management (MAM) policies

As you'd expect if you've been using the service, you can create new lists from scratch or from templates, and you can even use an Excel file to get started. The app also supports offline usage and dark mode.

Now for the fine print. You need an Office 365 commercial subscription that includes SharePoint to access Lists, so if you're on a consumer Microsoft 365 plan, you're out of luck here. Microsoft is working on an Android app, as it promised to produce back at Build, although it's not coming until later this year. Also, the company is promising iPad-specific features to be added to the iOS app at some point.

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