Microsoft offers free gift card with one-year Groove Music Pass in several markets

For several weeks, Microsoft has been offering an additional three months of free service to new customers who sign up for a free one-month trial of its Groove Music Pass. That offer will remain available to all new subscribers who sign up before July 1.

The company previously offered the same deal in November, and again in February. Now, it's hoping to entice more new customers to its music subscription service, with the launch of another deal.

While the earlier offers targeted those wishing to pay for their Groove subscriptions on a rolling monthly basis, the new deal is aimed at getting buyers to sign up for a one-year Groove Music Pass instead. Those who buy an annual subscription before June 30 will get a free gift card, which can be used to purchase "apps, games, music, movies, TV and more" from its online store.

The offer is available in four markets, and the value of the gift card in each of those countries is as follows:

While the offer is not valid on earlier purchases, there's nothing in the small print to suggest that current or previous Groove Music subscribers are excluded from the deal. In contrast, existing customers, or those who have trialled or purchased a Zune, Xbox or Groove Music Pass at any point in the past, are explicitly excluded from the other deal offering three months of free service to new subscribers who pay monthly.

Groove Music Pass allows users to download songs on up to four devices, as well as streaming to one device at a time. In addition to Windows 10 devices and the web, Groove is also supported on Xbox, Android, iOS and Sonos devices.

Source: Microsoft - US / Canada / Australia / UK | Thanks for the tip, AJ!

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