Microsoft releases Bing Translator plugin for WordPress sites

Microsoft continues to expand the use of its Bing Translator service beyond just apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. This week, the company released a new plugin that can bring Bing Translator features to WordPress websites.

In a blog post on the MS Open Tech blog, Microsoft said that the plugin works on sites that have WordPress 3.8 or later. It states:

Visitors can translate your site into their preferred language in one click without leaving the page once this light-weight, cross-browser plugin is installed. This plugin also provides options for a setting a color scheme, as well as an option to allow visitors to suggest translations.

The blog offers up instructions on how WordPress website designers can install and enable the plugin. Microsoft also recommends using Microsoft Azure to host WordPress sites.

Bing Translator currently handles those kinds of features for both Twitter and Facebook and in October, Microsoft released a translator app for Office programs, allowing users to instantly translate text in documents like Word and PowerPoint. It currently supports over 40 real languages and one fictional one, Klingon. Microsoft has not indicated any future plans to expand the number of languages for Bing Translator.

Source: Microsoft

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