Microsoft still denying Xbox Live has been hacked

Microsoft is trying to do some damage control this week after more reports of Xbox Live users have been hacked have gone viral on the Internet. The latest case involves a woman who launched her own Tumblr site, Hacked on Xbox, to describe her own experiences after her Xbox Live account was taken over.

The woman, known only as "Susan T", states on her site that earlier this week her Xbox Live account was credited for purchasing $214.97 worth of Microsoft Points along with an Gold Family Pack. She contacted Microsoft who said they would block the account while the company investigated the matter. However later in the week, the same Xbox Live account that was supposedly blocked was used once again, this time to take $124.98 from her bank account to purchase more Microsoft Points.

In an interesting stroke of fate, "Susan T" did manage to chat online with the person who had purchased her Xbox Live account. According to him, the account was put on sale on a Poland-based auction site. However, there is still no word as to how her user name and password were taken in the first place.

On Friday, the day that her story went viral on the Internet, "Susan T" finally got someone at Microsoft to refund her stolen money. Microsoft will also transfer her Xbox Live information over to a new Windows Live ID. However, in a statement to, a Microsoft spokesperson continued to deny there were any issues with Xbox Live itself, saying, "Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox Live service. In recent cases, some Xbox Live members appear to have been victims of malicious scams."

"Susan T" still doesn't believe that her Xbox Live account was taken by any kind of phishing scam or any other kind of third party attack, saying, "While I find it amusing that I have created an out-of-the-ordinary case for Microsoft, I am quite peeved that they are still insisting the abuse of my account was my fault."

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