Microsoft SwiftKey Beta on Android adds a cursor for navigating text

If you were using Windows 10 Mobile devices a few years ago, you may remember that the built-in keyboard had a small pointer which allowed users to more easily navigate text input fields while typing. Interestingly, while Microsoft owns the SwiftKey keyboard app for Android and iOS, a similar feature was never implemented. That has now changed, at least for Android.

The company recently updated the beta version of SwiftKey on Android, and the changelog includes a single change - the addition of a text cursor. Rather than having a dedicated pointer to navigate the text, though, users can simply tap and hold on the space bar, after which point the keyboard area serves as a sort of touchpad to navigate the text field.

The experience itself is also slightly different. Rather than holding down in the direction you want the cursor to move, the cursor moves as you glide your finger across, which gives you more control over the speed at which it moves.

It's unclear when the feature will make its way to the stable version of SwiftKey on Android, or if it will be available on iOS at all. In recent months, the addition of big new features to SwiftKey has significantly slowed down, but Microsoft recently added a one-handed mode to the iOS version of the app. You can download SwiftKey for Android on the Play Store, or get the beta version if you want to try out the new feature right now.

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