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Microsoft Teams is adding automated monitoring of audio and video quality in meetings

Microsoft teams

If you are an admin for your business or organization's Microsoft Teams meetings, you likely had to deal with people who say they couldn't hear the meeting or couldn't view the video, or they could not get documents shared during the event. Now Microsoft is adding new admin features that will monitor the quality of Teams meetings and offer alerts if some users are not getting their optimal experience.

Previously, admins could look at real-time info from meetings but they had to manually find the issues. In a blog post, Microsoft stated:

Admins had to search for a user, check their call history, find ongoing meetings, or live events in which their users were involved, and then locate the necessary telemetry information to spot exact issues.

That's now changed with the new meeting monitoring tools and alerts. Microsoft stated:

These alerts will proactively notify you on significant quality issues in chosen user’s meetings. This allow admins to proactively oversee audio, video and application sharing quality for all upcoming meetings of selected users using key telemetry parameters such as latency, jitter, hardware failures which usually affect the call quality experience.

Microsoft stated these new monitoring tools can be viewed by Teams admins even if multiple meetings in their business or organization are running at the same time.

At the moment, only Microsoft Teams Premium licensees can access these new monitoring tools. However, the company says this feature will expand at some point to include Teams room devices with a Pro license. Also, only Global Administrator or Teams Service Administrator users will be able to access and set up these monitoring tools.

Earlier this week, Microsoft Teams Public Preview admin users could start checking out another new feature that will allow them to view meeting engagement data such as total reactions, raised hands, cameras turned on, and more.

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