Microsoft teams up with HP for new Modern Infrastructure program

Microsoft and HP are, of course, long time partners when it comes to offering Windows PCs for sale, such as the upcoming 20 inch Envy Rove all-in-one PC. The two large tech companies have also teamed up on other projects and this week yet another new partnership was revealed that is aiming to give large businesses better access to local server and cloud based solutions.

In a post on the Microsoft Server and Cloud blog, the company reveals that its new program with HP is called Modern Infrastructure. Microsoft says that it will focus on three business PC solutions. One is Server Virtualization and Private Cloud, which the two companies will provide via the Cloud Solution for Microsoft built on HP VirtualSystem VS3 for Microsoft. The blog states it will help to "scale IT resources and services on-demand and reduce operational expenses."

The second part of the program will offer Client Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions so that businesses can offer their applications on any kind of device. Microsoft says Modern Infrastructure will help in that area with the HP Client Virtualization SMB Reference Architecture for Microsoft.

Finally, the third part of the program centers on Data Management and Business Intelligence to help corporations gather and analyze large amounts of data. In this case, Modern Infrastructure will provide customers with HP AppSystem for SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse, HP Fast Track and Database Consolidation Reference Architectures.

Why is all of this important? Microsoft points out that many large businesses are still using outdated hardware for their datacenters that run older versions of its Windows Server OS. The hardware is likely out of warranty and the OS may be nearing the end of its official support cycle. Indeed, Microsoft claims that a recent survey shows 60 percent of businesses that have between 500 to 5,000 PCs still run Windows Server 2003. Microsoft states:

In short customers, need to modernize their server infrastructure now more than ever, while ensuring business continuity by keeping their applications up and running even in the event of a disaster. The Modern Infrastructure program will empower you to help your customers solve these challenges with a comprehensive set of innovative, integrated and cost effective end-to-end solutions.

Microsoft will offer ways to learn more about the Modern Infrastructure program next week as part of its annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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