Microsoft Teams will soon let you restart a live event that accidentally stopped

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Microsoft Teams currently doesn't have an option to resume a live event that has been accidentally ended or interrupted. If you've started an event and encountered a technical problem in the middle of it, chances are that you will need to set up a new event.

Fortunately, Microsoft is working to fix that and make it easier to resume a live event after you've unwittingly stopped it. The company has added a new update to its 365 roadmap for an option to restart a live event (via OnMSFT). This means you only need to hit a restart button to get everyone back in your live event again instead of creating an entirely new one.

The feature is currently being developed and will be rolled out on both desktop and web clients globally in July. The ability to start a live event on Teams is a nifty feature that provides convenience to people who used to hold mass gatherings, for example, before the pandemic happened. As more people stay at home due to lockdown orders across many parts of the world, hosting a virtual live event is a practical alternative these days.

It's the latest development that Microsoft is working on for Teams. Two days ago, Teams added two new capabilities including Webinars and PowerPoint Live. In March, Teams introduced live transcription for meetings with speaker attribution.

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