Microsoft tech evangelist: Surface beats iPad in value [Update]

So how does Microsoft's upcoming Windows RT version of the Surface tablet compare to the current tablet leader, the iOS-based iPad from Apple? That's the question that a Microsoft technical evangelist attempts to answer in a new blog post.

The post itself was written by Keith Mayer, who serves as an evangelist at Microsoft dedicated to "Windows Infrastructure, Data Center Virtualization, Systems Management and Private Cloud." He compares the price of the 32 GB Surface to that of the 32 GB iPad. He uses their base price and then throws in the $119 Touch Cover Keyboard for the Surface and an unnamed $69 keyboard for the iPad. Mayer also throws in a cover for the iPad, priced at $39. Overall, he claims the total amount for the Surface will be $618, versus $707 for the iPad.

He then talks about apps and adds a number of paid iOS apps for the iPad versus their equivalent for the Surface's included Windows RT version of Microsoft Office. Mayer says that the iOS apps add another $85.95 to the iPad, but there is no such price increase for the Surface tablet.

Mayer also mentions the MicroSD slot and the full USB port for the Surface for people who want to add extra storage, versus no such options for the iPad. Finally, there's cloud storage with Microsoft's SkyDrive versus Apple's iCloud and even Dropbox. Mayer says SkyDrive offers seven GB of free storage, versus five GB for iCloud and just two GB for Dropbox. If a person wants to get 100 GB of cloud storage, he can purchase it for SkyDrive for just $50 a year, versus $100 for iCloud and $120 for Dropbox.

Update: Mayer has now removed the article from his blog.

Thanks to bikram for the tip!

Source: Keith Mayer's blog | Images via Microsoft and Apple

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