Microsoft helps websites prepare for IE10 on Windows Phone 8

Internet Explorer 10 isn't just coming to Windows 8 and Windows 7. It will also be included on the smartphones that will run Windows Phone 8. That means many owners of the various new Nokia, HTC and Samsung WP8 devices will be surfing the Internet with the mobile version of IE10.

In a new post on the official Windows Phone developer blog, Microsoft gives some hints to website developers on how to prepare their sites for visits by IE10 on Windows Phone 8.  The actual UA string of IE10 running on Windows Phone 8 will be:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 10.0; Windows Phone 8.0; Trident/6.0; ARM; Touch; IEMobile/10.0; <manufacturer>; <device> [;<operator>])

The string shows that the Platform token will now simply be Windows Phone in the mobile version of IE10, rather than the previous Windows Phone OS.

While Microsoft has still not released the Windows Phone 8 SDK to the general development community, Microsoft describes a method that will allow them to test their site via IE10 on Windows 8. Microsoft says, "Windows Phone 8 shares the same Internet Explorer 10 engine with Windows 8, so a PC running Windows 8 is great for initial testing."

Source: Windows Phone developer blog | Image via Microsoft

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