Microsoft's $14.99 Windows 10 DVD Player app gets updated for Insiders on the Fast ring

Microsoft launched a $14.99 DVD Player app for Windows 10, which was rather buggy and needed workarounds for a bearable experience. The app is still in development and has been updated frequently since then. Now, the Insider Preview version of the app on the Fast ring has received a significant update that squashes numerous bugs and promises a better user experience.

As per Microsoft's announcement, the following enhancements are introduced in the DVD Player Preview app:

  • Now when you insert a DVD into the drive while the app is running, it will automatically read the DVD. No longer do you have to manually tell the app to look for a disc in the drive.
  • Playback bar is simpler and more polished so that it’s easier to use.
  • Less used actions are now hidden under the “…” menu
  • The closed caption button is included in the playback bar
  • The look and feel is modeled after the Movies & TV app
  • Playback bar is now disabled when there is no DVD in the drive.
  • If your DVD drive region does not match the region set in Windows, the app will prompt you to change the region of your DVD drive to continue.
  • Basic keyboard interactions are now supported: double-clicking on the video will go full screen, escape will exit full screen, spacebar will pause/play.
  • We improved the keyboard navigation and made Narrator strings clearer.
  • If you have the N SKU of Windows installed, the app will recognize the lack of Media Foundation Package and prompt you to install it.

If you happen to own this app and are a Windows Insider on the Fast ring, you might have already received the update; if not, you can head to the Store and search for updates manually. Let us know what you think about the update in the comments section below!

Source: Feedback Hub (Open via Microsoft Edge)

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