Microsoft is not a fan of RoboHornet; still takes first place

Google recently ousted a new benchmarking tool called RoboHornet and Microsoft has wasted no time in degrading the tools value by saying that it does not measure real world performance.

Microsoft loves to remind us that IE10 excels in real world performance and is not designed to win benchmarking awards. The RoboHornet tool, as Microsoft points out in a post on their blog, is targeted at specific aspects of browser performance, rather than the entire picture.

Microsoft also built a website too, that extrapolates the idea that real world performance is not the same thing as benchmark performance. In the video below, Microsoft built a test site and then compared it to Chrome and IE10, and as you would expect coming from Microsoft, IE10 trumped that of Chrome.

Interestingly, even though RoboHornet is a Google built product, IE10 actually takes home the gold for performance rankings, but, for Microsoft, it's not about benchmarks, its about real world perfofmance. What it comes down to is that Microsoft is not a fan of RobotHornet because in their minds, it is a limited test of performance.

This benchmarking tools is only one of many on the market and it will be interesting to see if it gains any weight with developers or if it will be another tool that is mostly ignored. 

Source: Microsoft

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