Middle-Earth Online announces new race for Men

A new class has been announced for the race of Men in the pending massively multiplayer online role-playing game Middle-earth Online. The squire class will join the ranks of hunter, sage and soldier. Middle-earth Online is developed by Turbine Entertainment and is tentatively slated for release later this year.

The official description of the new class, gleaned from the official Web site (https://www.middle-earthonline.com/) states:

  • "The North Kingdom long ago fell to ruins, overrun by wild folk and wicked things. But some remember the high King at Fornost and keep the ancient laws of their own free will. While they have little hope that a true King will ever return to restore justice, these brave Esquires struggle to bring order to the perilous North. They are formidable fighters and true leaders who inspire their fellows.

  • Knight: Like the valiant Númenoreans of old, Knights lend courage and strength to their allies. Though seasoned by strife and toughened by clash of arms, their hearts are merciful. Stalwart towers against the foe, they willingly expose themselves to greater danger in the aid of others. The valor of a Knight like Faramir can turn the tide of battle.

  • Tyrant: Warlike and strong, Tyrants do not lead by shining example, but by force. They inspire fear in their underlings, sapping their vigour but driving them into a battle-frenzy. Their minions fear the Tyrant's wrath, which is more fearsome than the weapons of their foes."

The game will feature four classes - men, elves, dwarves and hobbits. To date only one class has been named for each of the other three races: scout for elves, warrior for dwarves and rogue for hobbits.

News source: GameZone

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