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OpenAI and Stack Overflow partner to improve AI with developer data

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Stack Overflow, the online question and answer site for programmers, today announced a new partnership with OpenAI. The companies aim to improve AI using Stack Overflow's technical data. According to relationship, they will collaborate in several key areas to enhance both platforms.

Under the new agreement, OpenAI will use Stack Overflow's API to access more than 15 years of technical questions and answers on the site. This data will help OpenAI improve the GPT model by grounding it in real-world coding problems and solutions. The AI will also be programmed to attribute answers directly to their authors on Stack Overflow.

In addition, Stack Overflow will use OpenAI's GPT model internally to build new features. One example is OverflowAI, a tool that powers search and discovery on the site. Stack Overflow says it can determine how best to use AI to surface the most relevant information for users.

  • OpenAI will utilize Stack Overflow’s OverflowAPI product and collaborate with Stack Overflow to improve model performance for developers who use their products. This integration will help OpenAI improve its AI models using enhanced content and feedback from the Stack Overflow community and provide attribution to the Stack Overflow community within ChatGPT to foster deeper engagement with content.
  • Stack Overflow will utilize OpenAI models as part of their development of OverflowAI and work with OpenAI to leverage insights from internal testing to maximize the performance of OpenAI models. OpenAI’s partnership with Stack Overflow will help further drive its mission to empower the world to develop technology through collective knowledge, as Stack Overflow will be able to create better products that benefit the Stack Exchange community’s health, growth, and engagement.

Both companies will share insights to improve their systems. OpenAI aims to provide solutions to coding problems at scale through access to Stack Overflow's knowledge base. And Stack Overflow hopes to reward community members while creating innovative tools to improve the developer experience.

The first joint integrations from the partnership are expected to launch in mid-2024. Stack Overflow says the deal will also allow for long-term reinvestment in community-focused products.

Stack Overflow has been experimenting with AI integration. In April, it began building models to reward contributors for sharing knowledge. The company has also worked with Google to improve its language models, such as Gemini, with Stack Overflow's technical data.

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