Mobile browsing on the rise, Android looking impressive

An article on AndroidGuys brings up a chart from NetApplications that shows an explosion of mobile web browsing in the month of December. According to the chart, all major mobile operating systems saw huge gains in market share, but one stood above the rest. Android saw a whopping 54.8% increase. That's more than iPhone and BlackBerry combined. Windows Mobile is not shown as it was not in the top five.

Mobile browsing now accounts for 1.3% of total web browsing. Considering Chrome only accounts for 4.63%, and Opera, another 2.3%, mobile browsing doesn't seem to be doing too bad. In the month of December alone, mobile web browsing increased .23% (compared to November's .12%).

If you look at Android over the past year, you will see that it has sustained steady growth. Then, from November to December, you'll see an abnormally large spike (probably due to the Motorola Droid and the busy holiday season). This trend will likely continue as Android devices continue to flood the market. With Google's upcoming Nexus One announcement, Android's browser will continue growing at an alarmingly fast pace. The more devices we see with Google's phone OS, the more market share it will capture. 2010 is sure to be an interesting year in the mobile world.

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