Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Teaser revealed

A first look and tease has been shown recently on TNT detailing a "World Premier" for Modern Warfare 2, a sequel to the 2007 hit Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the new title however lacking the Call of Duty branding.

Officially announced earlier this year with a teaser trailer, Modern Warfare 2 is set to be released on the 10th November. The first teaser while lacking actual game play was shown on-line giving users the tools to stop and zoom in on sections, revealing certain items such as on-line perks and details on its location.

The teaser shown in the last few days on TNT has come with some new game play sequences, more notably cut-scene material that will be unplayable parts of the game before letting the player take control of the character or for the end of a level.
The teaser ends with the date of May 24th, which will be the big reveal of Modern Warfare 2 game play and no doubt some story details

One of the main pieces in the teaser is the location of the new game which is set in a snowy climate which most assumed was Russia from the previous teaser, now that has been backed up with the footage showing a MiG-29 plane blowing up along with a Hind Helicopter in the background, both part of Russia's Military presence.

The teaser also shows a small underwater section including a submarine and a video sequence that includes two snowmobiles and a quick view from the drivers seat, possibly showing a vehicle section that were rarely present in the first.
It then ends with a view that is reminiscent of the "Death From Above" level in the first game where you took control of the weapons on a AC-130 and helped the squad you were in reach safety.

The game play teaser for the Modern Warfare 2 follows.

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