Monday's PC game sales save you some money

After an E3 induced hiatus, we have come back to give you some alerts to the various new PC game sales deals that you might find on the Internets. Most of these deals expire within the next 24 hours (some even less) so if you want to save some money, now is the time:

Steam - Valve's download site has a daily deal today on the Overlord Complete Pack. You can get both games plus the expansion pack for the first title in the fantasy RPG series from developer Triumph Studios for a low, low price. From now until 1 pm Eastern time on Tuesday you can get all three games in one bundle for just $5, a 75 percent savings.

Impulse - GameStop's download service has a one day sale on Victoria II, the historical strategy game from Paradox Interactive. For today only you can get the game for $11.99, a 60 percent price cut.

Direct2Drive - The download site recently purchased by GameFly has a 50 percent deal today on nearly all games in the Sims game series (the exception is the recent expansion pack Sims 3 Generations). Also on sale for today only is the Mac version of the indie game Revenge of the Titans for $7.50, another 50 percent price cut. - CD Projekt's DRM-free PC gaming web site has launched a new sale of all the games in its library from Interplay. From now until July 4 all of those titles are on sale for 50 percent off their normal price.

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