hacked again

The Internet job web site, was attacked by hackers again for the second time since 2007. In this instance hackers have stolen user data directly from the database, including user ID's, passwords, email addresses, names, phone numbers, and even basic demographic data. has urged web site users immediately change their password on the web site. Possible phishing emails may also be sent out, and the company urges users to watch out for phishing attempts to steal more personal data.

Senior Vice President and Global Chief Privacy Officer Patrick Manzo posted a warning message on their web site about the attack. The message mentions that sensitive data such as social security numbers or personal financial data was not stolen in the attack. Users will be prompted at login to change their passwords.

The web site was attacked in 2007 where hackers installed malicious code on the web site that sent users login information to a remote server. More than 1.6 million bits of personal information was stolen, according to Internet security group, Symantec.

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