Motorola adds new Stereo Speaker to its Moto Mods line

If you're a Moto Z owner, you might be happy to know that Motorola has debuted a new accessory in its Moto Mods line. The cleverly-named device is called stereo speaker, costs $59.99, and comes in three colors: black, red, and blue.

The speaker isn't just aimed at those that want to play music, as it can also act as a hands-free speaker for calls and video chats, delivering better quality sound. The unit also has a built-in kickstand that Motorola claims "adds depth and texture to audio-visual experiences." Also, like other Moto Mods, the speaker doesn't require any external power source and will instead draw power from the connected phone. Like its siblings, Moto Mods are compatible with Moto Z series devices.

Motorola has done a good job of keeping the products flowing when it comes to Moto Mods. While these accessories could have easily been forgotten about, the firm has done its best to stick to its commitment of releasing at least 12 Mods each year. If interested, you can head to the Motorola website to purchase the latest Moto Mods and other accessories.

Source: Motorola via GSMArena

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