Mozilla introduces Price Wise and Email Tabs Test Pilot experiments

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The Mozilla Firefox Test Pilot team has just announced two experimental features called Price Wise and Email Tabs. The Price Wise experiment allows U.S. users to add items to a watch list and get price comparisons from Amazon, Best Buy, The Home Depot, eBay, and Walmart. The Email Tabs experiment, in contrast, is available no matter your location and allows you to send tabs via email while preserving the page format.

With Price Wise, users based in the United States can begin adding items to the Price Wise watch list; when there’s a price drop at one of the supported retailers, users will get a green notification. When you check the list you’ll be able to see by how much the price fell as a percentage, as well as the new price. Clicking on the item will take you through to the relevant store page.

With Email Tabs, you can connect your Gmail account and begin sending browser tabs as emails, support for Yahoo! Mail and Outlook will be added soon. What’s unique about this feature is that you have multiple styling options. You can either send a link with a screenshot attached inline, you can send links alone, or you can send a link with the full articles attached, formatted for email.

In their announcement, Mozilla also said that it is graduating several experiments. The Send experiment which lets you upload and encrypt large files up to 1GB for sharing online is going to be updated and unveiled officially later this year. Meanwhile, the Color experiment that lets you customise elements of the browser, and the Side View experiment that lets you see different browser tabs in the same tab, will become stand-alone extensions.

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