Mozilla is killing its Persona login service in November

As part of Mozilla's re-orienting, the browser maker has decided to shutter the Persona login service. Persona was supposed to be deployed all across the web and allow people to use just one set of sign-in credentials on all the sites they use; however, in practice it made little impact as it did not see much deployment outside of Mozilla's own websites.

In an announcement on a Mozilla mailing list, it has been announced that and related domains will be taken offline on November 30th, 2016. It also says that site owners running Persona should implement an alternative login solution. Mozilla has also dedicated a wiki page to help people with the switch-off.

From now until November 30th, 2016, Mozilla will continue to provide maintenance-level support to the Persona service:

  • Security issues will be resolved promptly and services will be kept online but no new features will be developed or deployed.
  • Support will still be given on the dev-identity mailing list and in the #services-dev IRC channel.
  • During this period all sites using the login mechanism should move to alternate login service.

On November 30th, the Persona service will be decommissioned:

  • All services hosted on the domain will be shut down.
  • Mozilla will retain control of the domain and will not transfer it to a third party.
  • Mozilla will destroy all user data stored on the servers, and will not transfer it to third parties.

The move comes as Mozilla makes adjustments to the services it offers - so far, we've seen the development of low-end Firefox OS devices being stopped, suggestions about Thunderbird being given to the community, and the removal of Sponsored Tile advertisements in Firefox.

Source: gHacks

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