MPAA denies claims of Biden's involvement in MegaUpload case

Earlier this week, MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom claimed that he had evidence that US Vice President Joe Biden was the person who ordered the US government's raid on the file sharing website. While he didn't give specifics, Dotcom claimed that the heads of several film studios met with Biden at the White House earlier this summer and that MegaUpload was discussed.

Now the film industry's trade group, the Motion Picture Association of America, has denied that Biden had anything to do with the MegaUpload raid that happened in January. While the MPAA, in a statement to, confirmed that film studio executives did meet with Biden at the White House this past summer, it was for a very different reason.

The MPAA's statement said:

The purpose of this meeting with the vice president was to discuss his [then] upcoming trip to China last August and the importance of reaching a settlement, with the Chinese government, of the United States World Trade Organization complaint against China, which would increase the number of foreign films permitted into that country and provide a better share of box office revenues.

A settlement with China on this issue was made in February. In addition,, using their own unnamed sources, says that Biden is only involved in the government's anti-piracy efforts in a general way and did not personally get involved in the case against MegaUpload.


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