MSN 9 & MSN Messenger 6.1 Coming This Week

Microsofts next MSN client dubbed MSN 9 is due to go into official beta testing early this week. MSN 9 will be split into two subscriptions as we've always believed. A plus! service, designed for the light user who doesn't need parental controls and advanced junk mail filtering and a premium service designed for users who need to use MSN 9 as a family application combined with all existing features and new features.

New features planned for MSN 9:

MSN Photos Plus

Enabling two users to share photos in realtime with a slideshow

Pop-up blocker

Blocking annoying internet pop-up adverts

Explorer Intergration

Intergrating MSN 9 into the taskbar and explorer as a whole

Read more for all new features of MSN Messenger 6.1

View: View Full MSN Mesenger 6.1 Features

View: View Launch Site Features

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