MSN5 and MSN8 links removed

We have received an urgent request to remove MSN8 and MSN5 code from Neowin, so in response we have removed the news post where the links to these programs were made available. Neowin did not host the code but understands linking to the code is as bad. We would like to request that Neowins members respect this decision even if MSN code is freeware Microsoft isn't ready to let the public have it yet. Email follows:

    We are writing to request that you remove some specific content from your Web site. The MSN 8 and MSN Messenger 5 code that is currently posted to your Web site is not intended for distribution outside of Microsoft, except to a limited beta audience. Your Web site does not have authorization from Microsoft to post this information onto your site. Microsoft requests that you remove this code immediately from your site. We appreciate your prompt attention to this issue and taking immediate action within the next 24 hours to remedy this situation. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to receiving your response.



    Product Manager

    MSN, Microsoft

Please refrain from posting links to these programs in comments or the forum. Failure to do so will result in immediate action. Thanks.

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