AMD will produce 333MHz front side bus

Despite denials from AMD a few months ago that it would produce Athlon XPs using a 333MHz front side bus, it appears the company will, in fact, do so.

A report on AMD MB yesterday suggested that AMD had done an about turn and we now have confirmation from one of the firm's partners that this report is substantially correct. AMD has publicly said that it will introduce AMD XP2400+ and XP2600+ during the second half of this year. When AMD will release 333MHz FSB versions of its Athlon XPs is a different matter, we don't have any information on a date as yet.

The u-turn is undoubtedly a response to Intel scaling its processors faster than AMD suspected, and also converting most of its Pentium 4s to 533MHz FSBs quicker than the competition had planned.

News source: The Inquirer

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