Music discovery arrives to the Google Assistant

An update to the Google Assistant has brought a new feature. Now, users will be able to ask the Assistant what song is playing in the background and finally get a response. While this feature is quite popular and is the backbone for apps like Shazam, music discovery was one of the more requested missing features up until now.

When pulling up the updated Google Assistant, what will occur is that the Assistant will now have an option that shows "What's this song?" if music is detected playing in the background. If you click on that bubble, it will give you details of the track playing, the artist, when it was released, and what genre. You will also be able to search for it using YouTube, Google Play Music, or Google. You can also pull this same menu up by using voice commands as well.

While it unknown what devices this is rolling out to currently, it should eventually roll out to all supported devices. This was tested on a Google Pixel XL and also a T-Mobile LG V30 and found to be working.

Source: 9to5Google

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