Neobytes :) Conan wants Instagram filters in Excel 2014, offers congrats to Nadella

When you are the new CEO of one of the world’s most influential technology giants, advice is everywhere, and that includes late night TV host, Conan O’Brian.

Conan took to LinkedIn today to congratulate Nadella on being named CEO of Microsoft and took time to offer him some advice on what he would have done to help turn around Microsoft if he were named CEO.

Turning Microsoft back into an industry titan like Wang or Commodore would have required a simple three point action-plan: 1. Zune 2. More Zune 3. Even More Zune.

But wait, there’s more.

I would have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a marketing campaign to get everyone in America to “Bing their symptoms” after that weekend trip to Juarez.

The Surface tablet would have come with new peripheral device I called “Tiny Windshield Wipers.”

Every single version of the Windows operating system would have been voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

Excel 2014 would have built-in Instagram filters.

These are just some of the brilliant ideas that I wrote down in my personal journal titled “Poetry."  

While we wait and see if Nadella institutes any of these recommended changes, many around the world are wondering what his real plans actually include for keeping momentum behind the Microsoft machine. He's been at the top of the org chart for about a week and while we don’t expect to see any major changes in the near future, by this time, he should hopefully have his feet firmly planted in the corner office.

Source: LinkedIn

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